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December 29, 2006 - NY Daily News Reports Farm Milk Prices Increasing

December 2006 - NYS Retail Milk Price Survey

December 29, 2006 - FDA Releases Risk Assessment on Cloning Animals for Food Production

December 13, 2006 - Milk Coalition Calls for Reinstatement of Chocolate Milk In NY City Schools

December 11, 2006 - Study: Drink Prefrences Vary By Race

December 11, 2006 - Massachusett's Milk Coupon Law Not Repealed

November 20, 2006 - NYS & National Oct. Milk Production Report

November 20, 2006 - Super Foods, Anit-Aging Products Hot for 07

December 1, 2006 - NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

November 17, 2006 - Chocolate Milk as Good as Sports Drinks for Replentishment!

November 14, 2006 - Perry's Ice Cream Co. Introduces Buffalo Sabres Ice Cream

October 19, 2006 - FDA Set to Approved Cloned Milk for Sale

October 19, 2006 - No Evidence Soy Formula is Better than Cow's Milk

October 14, 2006 - New Mexico Cheese Plant will Stimulate 1.2 Billion to Local Economy!

October 7, 2006 - Vermont Ag. Commisioner Calls for end of use of rBST on Dairy Farms

October 12, 2006 - Retail Sales of rBST Free Milk On Shelves, Costs More

October 10, 2006 - Milk Prices Increase

September 27, 2006 - CWT Program Returns $2 Billion to Dairy Farmers

October 1, 2006 - NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

September 26, 2006 - Dean and Hood to Stop Use of rBST in Milk Supply in New England Area

September 26, New England Dairy Farmers to Peddle Milk for Retail Premium, Hope for Return

September 26, 2006 - Dr. Robert Yonkers, Chief Economist for IDFA, Dairy Market Update

September 12, 2006 - PA Milk Pricing Systems Survives Legal Challenge, Although Questions Remain

September 12, 2006 - Milk Companies Moving Away from rBST Farm Milk

September 12, 2006 - Mountainside Farms, Roxbury NY Producing Milk With Longer Shelf Life

September 1, 2006 - New York State Fair Dairy Product Competition Winners List

September 7, 2006 - Kraft Plant in Lowville NY Gets State Aid for Investment, Insures 300 Jobs

September 6, 2006 Is $2 enough for kids to eat Lunch?

September 3, 2006 Is Organic Milk Worth the Price for Consumers, MSNBC

Sept. 2, 2006 - Rochester, NY Based Wegman's Voted Best Retailer

Sept. 2, 2006 - Old Chatham's (Sheep's ) Yogurt Really Creamy

September 1, 2006 - USDA Announces Continuation of Make Allowance Hearing to Collect Plant Data

August 31, 2006 - NY Business Council Releases NY "Just the Facts" about NY's Economy

August 17, 2006 - Boice Brothers Dairy, Kingston NY Merge With NJ Producer, Will Form Cooperative

August 17, 2006 - Wegman's Bottled Water Recalled

August 16, 2006 - Milk is No Longer King of Dairy, Cheese is!

August 16, 2006 - The Obesity Blame Game, Stop Blaming Manufacturers! Article

August 11, 2006 - Soft Drinks Stir Obesity Debate/USA Today Article

August 6, USDA Dairy Product Consumption and Usage Report

August 1, 2006 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

August 1, 2006 - USDA Reports Dramatic Changes in Dairy Industry

June 19, 2006 - Bob Cropp's Dairy/Milk Production Review

June 16, 2006 - Penn State Prof. Ken Bailey Weekly Dairy Market Outlook, Production is Mixed

June 14, 2006 - NY States Signs Memorandum of Understanding/Working Relationship with PA and VT Dairy Industries

June 9, 2006 - Cold Stone Sells Sizzle, Not Just Ice Cream

June 1, 2006 - NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice, No Change From May

June 2, 2006 - Tesco will Track Dairy with RFID Cards

May 26, 2006 - Well Intentioned Food Police May Create Havoc With Children's Diets, NY Times Article

May 26, 2006 - Penn State Prof. Ken Bailey Weekly Dairy Market Outlook, Productions Up

May 24, 2006 - NY Business Council: Walmart Bills Not Way to Fix Health Care System

May 15, 2006 - Major Trends Identified for Food Products in the Future

May 15, 2006 - Penn State Prof. Ken Bailey Weekly Dairy Market Outlook, Productions Up

May 15, 2006 - Farm Bureau Reports Lower Food Bills

April 28, 2006 - Connecticut Bans Soda Sales In Schools, Victory for Future Milk Sales

April 27, 2006 - Does Dairy Consumption Really Help With Weight Loss?

April 26, 2006 - Study Encourages More Milk for Pregnant Women

April 26, 2006 - NY City Council Member Calls for Investigation into School Milk Restrictions

May 1, 2006 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice, Drops again, Same Gal. Price as Aug. 1991!

April 17, 2006 - Groups Create Animal Welfare Policies For Consumers

April 17, 2006 - President Bush Signs Milk Regulatory Act

April 7, 2006 - Penn State Prof. Ken Bailey Weekly Dairy Market Outlook, Productions Up

April 7, 2006 - Families Sitting Down to Dinner Again, Where's the Milk?

April 4, 2006 - Bad News For Milk, Soy "Milk" Accepted in Schools

March 17, 2006 - February Milk Production Up 5.9%, "Out of Control" Prof. Ken Bailey, Penn State

March 22, 2006 - Number of Traditional Supermarkets Decline in Manhattan

March 22, 2006 - Organic Milk Shortages On Shelves

March 22, 2006 - Organic Companies Ranked

March 22, 2006 - Miami School District Looks to Cut Foods Made with Corn Sweetners

April 2006 - NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice, Drops $.22 Cents/Gallon!

March 19, 2006 - NYC School Snapple Deal Falls Short

March 8, 2006 - NY Times Reports Snapple/School Deal a Failure

March 7, 2006 - FDA Provides Whole Grain Guidelines for Food/Yogurt Manufacturers

Feb. 20, 2006 - Low-fat Diets Aren't Working/MSNBC!

Feb. 8, 2006 - Ag. Dept. to Host Ag. Economic Workshops, Show Opportunities Available March 14-29

Feb. 3, 2006 - Pataki Raises Funds for 2008

Feb. 3, 2006 - Sen. Schumer Takes Credit for Saving Dairy Farms

Feb. 2, 2006 - Vitamin D Shortage, How to Get the Dose You Need!

February 2, 2006 - NY City Schools Cast out Whole Milk, Flavored Milks

Jan. 25, 2006 - Lawsuit to Remove Soda From Schools Ready

January 2006 - NYS Retail Milk Price Survey

Jan. 23, 2006 - Spitzer Names Running Mate, Patterson from Harlem

Jan. 22, 2006 - USA Today Reports Yogurt is More Popular!

Jan. 20, 2006 - NY Health Dept. Pushing Better Diets, Low-Fat Milk in NY City Neighborhoods

Jan. 17, 2006 - Kosher Foods Growing More Popular with Non-Jewish Shoppers!

USDA Hearing Notice, Jan. 24, Manufacturing Make Allowances Changes

Dec. 27, Ok, It Time to Look at Losing Weight for the New Year, 20 Ways Here/Reader's Digest

Dec. 20, Penn State's Dr. Ken Bailey Weekly Dairy Market Outlook Report/Milk Sales and Exports...

Nov. 18 SUNY Morrisville Receives Milk Quality Award

October NYS Retail Milk Price Survey

Oct. 26 LA Times/Reuters Reports Businesses Raising Costs

Call to Action / Vote No Nov. 8 on Proposal 1

October 18,ABC News Story/got milk? Popular Advertising Campaign Spoofs Performance-Enhancing Drugs

September NYS Fairy Dairy Product Competition Award Winners

July July 14, Center For Science in the Public Interest Slams Soda Consumption/Liquid Candy2 Report is Out!

July 1, Sweet drinks Starve Americans of Nutrition

July, 2005 PETA Goes Overboard With Lawsuit Action

June, 2005 NYS Retail Milk Price Survey

June, 2005 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

May 25, Maine Seniors Don't Like Milk Taxes!

May 23, Supreme Court Rules Generic Beef Promotion is Constitutional

May, 2005 NYS Retail Price Survey

May, 2005 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

April, 2005 NYS Retail Price Survey

April 23, Labor Dept. Shows, Public Employees Paid More Than Private Counterparts!

April 22, NYS Thruway Authority Raises Tolls, Listens to Milk Industry

April, Business Council Reports NY State Losing Population, Florida Gains

April 14, Farmland Dairies LLC Emerges from Bankruptcy

April,6, PA Milk Marketing Board Wins Pricing Court Challenge

April, 6, PA Milk Marketing Board Court Challenge Decision

March 31, State Thruway Authority to Increase Tolls, Costs Go Up!

April, 2005 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

March 20, Dr. Ken Bailey, Penn State Dairy Situation Report,Report on Milk Production Trends

March 20, Business Council Report/NY Spends Twice the Average on Student Spending

March 20, Business Council Report/NY Spends More On Medicade Spending

February 2005 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice, gallon price drops $0.49 cents

Jan. 22, Farmers Should Lock In 2005 Prices Now Says Dr. Ken Bailey,/Penn State Dairy Situation Report

Jan. 20, Senator Patricia McKee Appointed as New Senate Ag. Committee Chair, replaces Sen. Nancy Larraine Hoffmann

Jan. 20, USDA Sec. Venemen Appoints Joe Cervantes, Crowley Foods, Inc. Pres. to National Milk PEP Board

Jan. 17, NY Post Reports High Retail Milk Prices in NY City Metro Region

Jan. 17, 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans/PDF File/84 Pages

Jan. 17, Read the Milk Blog, Review the Issues

Jan. 16, Give to Tsunami Victims in Jan. 05/Get 04 Tax Deduction

Jan. 15, Dr. Ken Bailey, Penn State Dairy Situation Report

January 2005 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

December 20, China Announces Dairy/Food Show, July 05 Exposition/Registration Info Here

December 19, Dr. Ken Bailey, Penn State Dairy Situation Report

December 6, Comptroller Hevesi Advocates Spending Cuts to Help NY City Schools

November 23, Vermont Ag. Commissioner Bemoans MILC Vote in U.S. Senate

November 19, Dr. Ken Bailey, Penn State Dairy Situation Report

November 19, Milk PEP Board Members Sought/Nominations by Dec. 3/04

November 19, Link to USDA Website for Forms to Nominate Milk PEP Board Members

November 18, Study Shows, NYS at the Bottom of Tax Economic Rating

November 16, NYS Senator Nancy Larraine Hoffman Conceeds, Loses Re-Election Bid

Nov. 16, Dairy Farmers to Retire More Cow/CWT Program

November 16, Gov. Pataki Urges Congress to Extend MILC Subsidy Program for Farmers

November 15, Gov. Pataki Vetoes Budget Reform Bill

November 8, Drink Milk, Lose Weight!

November NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

November 5, NYS Senate Sends Budget Reform Bill To Governor, Many Encourage Veto

HACCP Workshop at Cornell University Dec. 1-3, Registration Information

October 18, Renesed Milk Pricing Program for Dairy Farmers Sought/Vote after Elections

October 18, USDA Releases Report/Economic Effect of U.S. Dairy Policy & Alternative Approaches to Milk Pricing

October NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

October 1, State Spending 3 Times Inflation Rate!

September 30, USDA Extends Deadline to Comment on Proposed Class I Fluid Definitation Changes!

September 30, Dr. Ken Bailey, Penn State Explains Retail Milk Price Spreads

September 28, U.S. Sen. Schumer Accuses Milk Processors/Retailers of Cheating Dairy Farmers

September 20, Dairy Farmers Subsidy Extension Proposed by Senate

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - September 2004

Sept. 15 New FDA Guidance on PMO, Plant Operators Should Review!

Sept. 25, Dr. Ken Bailey, Penn State Dairy Outlook Report

September 9, IDFA's D-Brief/Weekly Dairy News

September NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

August 30, Wendt's Dairy/Niagara Falls, Wins 1st Place in Milk Contest, Scores Perfect 100%

July 23, Pataki to Veto Minimum Wage Hike Legislation

Aug. 1 2004 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice

July 21, Legislators vote to raise Minimum Wage/Business Council Report

June 21, Gov. Pataki to allocate $2.2 Million for Barn Restorations, Hmmm, Is This Good Spending?

July 2004 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice, NEW RECORD HIGH PRICES!

June 23, USDA Milk Sales Report/Northeast Down

June 23, Retail Milk Prices to decline, July 1

June 2004 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice, NEW RECORD HIGH PRICES!

May 2004 NYS Retail Milk Price Threshold Notice, RECORD PRICES!

May 11, Judge's Decision Overturns California's Milk System

May 8, Milk Sales Report

May 7, Dairy Today E-report

April 21, With Higher Milk Prices, Will Consumers Keep Buying Milk, Dick Groves Editorial

April 21, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer MPC's Costing NY Dairy Farmers 96 Million, Others Disagree!

April 17, CBS News TV Report on the Increasing Price of Milk, click the Video

April 11, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Not Enthusiastic about Northeast Dairy Compacts

April 6, Future Convention Speaker Dick Groves/Editor of the Cheese Reporter, "Time for another Butter-Powder Tilt?

April 6, Increase Your School Milk Sales, Attend Workshop in Syracuse, May 12/04 Sponsored by IDFA

April 1, USDA Milk Sales Report, Northeast Down 1.4% YTD

April 1, Daily Dairy Report by Mary Ledman/Alan Levit Predict Future Class III Prices Will Double Year Ago Levels

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - March 2004, Shows Severe Gallon Compteition in Central NY

April 1, 2004 Family Dairy Farmers Complain to Spitzer There is No Competition

March 30, Milk Prices on the Rise, Class I Could Hit All Time High in Future Months

March 30, Medicaid Cost Increase, State Does Nothing to Control the Problem

March 25, Congressman Obey Wants to Extend Dairy Farmer MILC Program

March 24, Dairy E-Today Report

April 1, 2004 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

March 16, F. Cappiello Cheese Co. & NYS Dairy Foods, Inc. Awarded Pride of NY Grants!

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - February 2004

March 11, Cooperative Working Together Reauthorized for 2nd Time

March 11, NY US Sen. Chuck Schumer proposes New Dairy Compact Style Legislation, View Draft Language Here

March 10, D-Brief (Dairy News Update)

March 4, Penn State Professor Ken Bailey Dairy Market Outlook-How High Will Butter $ Go?

Feb. 26, FTC Releases Slotting Fees Report

Feb. 26, NY Farmers Not Hurt by Parmalat Bankruptcy

Feb. 26, Parmalat USA Corp. Files Bankruptcy

Feb. 26, Court Rules "Got Milk!" Advertising Unconstitutional!

Feb. 25, Republicans pick Howard Mills, Orange County to Run Against Schumer in Fall

Feb. 25, Dems in NY Assembly Pass Higher Workers' Comp Benefits Bill

Feb. 22, Australian Free Trade Agreement, Mixed Reviews for Producers and Processors

Feb. 22, NYS Workers' Compensation Rates May Increase, Call to Action!

March 2004 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

Feb. 9, Dr. Ken Bailey, Penn State Market Report

Feb. 5, 2004 National Rickets On The Rise

Feb. 3, 2004 Annual USDA Census of Agriculture/NY State Only

Jan. 28, 2004 Kraft to Cut 6,000 Jobs, Closing Canton, NY Plant!

Jan. 28, 2004 Mad Cow Information Site, All you Need to Know, Bookmark this Site

Jan. 28, 2004 No Evidence Links Mad-Cow to Milk Supply

February 2004 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

Jan. 22, 2004 BST Maker Monsanto to Limit Production/Increase Prices Effective March 1

Jan. 22, 2004 Parmalat Makes US Dairy Farmer Payments

Jan. 21, 2004 New IDFA CEO/Connie Tipton Gives Encouraging Dairy Industry Speech at Winter Forum

Jan. 21, 2004 Australian Free Trade Agreement Riles Dairy Farmers

Jan. 21, 2004 Pataki Plan to Create Empire Zones for Agriculture Business

Jan. 18, 2004 - Parmalat's Sunnydale Milk Plant in Brooklyn at Risk

USDA/AMS Class I Milk Definition

Jan. 12, Got Milk? Ads/Promotion Program Challenged

Jan. 11, Pepsi Plans Dairy Beverages

Jan. 11, Teamsters Call for Ban On Mad Cow Milk

Jan. 8, State of Agriculture Report At Ag. Society's 172nd Annual Meeting

Jan. 8, 2004 Canadian Farmers alarmed if Parmalat is Sold

December 31, Mad Cow Concerns Should Be Tempered

December 31, Parmalat Probe Widens, Accounting Firm Executives Arrested

December 30, Dairy Farmers Made Contributions to Political Ag. Leaders

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - December 2003

December 24, Dairy Industry and NYS Ag. Commissioner News Release on BSE/Mad Cow Discovery

Dec. 24, FDA - Milk from Cows Safe to Drink, No BSE Effects or Risk

Dec. 24, Parmalat Update

Dec. 24, Dairy Today E-report, (latest and hottest dairy industry news)

Dec. 24, Monsanto - Maine's Oakhurst Dairy Reach Labeling Agreement

December 20, January 2004 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

Dec. 20, November 2003 Milk Production Report

Dec. 20, Parmalat Update

Dec. 19, Just Where is Milk Being Sold? Dairy Foods Magazine Article

Dec. 8, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer Thinks USDA is Cheating Dairy Farmers?

Dec. 8, Dr. Market Factors Should Keep Prices Steady

Dec. 7, Dr. Ken Bailey, Penn State Weekly Dairy Update, Milk Import Testimony,

Dec. 6, PA Dairy Farmer Will See State Price Increase

Nov. 24, Tax Watch '04, Public Policy Institute of NY, Inc. Report

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - November 2003

December 1, 2003 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

Nov. 21, Steven Pearlstein/Washington Post, Tired of Subsidies

Nov. 18, October Milk Production Report/USDA

Nov. 18, Trucking Milk by Train?

Nov. 18, Monsanto vs. Oakhurst Case Will Be in Mass. on Jan.5

Nov. 17, Dr. Ken Bailey, Dairy Update,

Nov. 8, PETA Uncovered for What it is, Finally

Nov. 7, Milk Wins Taste Test over SOY, bit suprise!

Nov. 1, BST Debate, Law Suits, Latest News

Nov. 1, Farmer Marketing Programs in Jeopardy!

Oct. 31, Paying too Much for Milk in NY?

Oct. 31, FDA Says Cloned Animals are Safe as Food

Oct. 31, USDA Seeking Nominations for National Milk PEP Board

Oct. 31, Pizza Cheese Guys Try to Predict Prices!

Oct. 29, PETA Billboards Offensive to Wisconsin Dairy Industry, Boycott of Billboard Companies Expected

Oct. 28, Schenectady, NY Based F. Cappiello Cheese Co. Expands, Goes National

Oct. 24, Dairy Today E-report, (latest and hottest dairy industry news)

Oct. 22, NYS Dairy Foods, Inc. Testifies at Federal Milk Order Hearing, No Opposition

Oct. 17, US Sept. Milk Production Report, Down 0.1%

Oct. 16, FDA Releases Bioterrorism Regulations, YOU Must Comply by Dec. 13, 2003

Oct. 9, US Dept. of Health & Human Services Announces Food Bioterrorism Security Measures

Oct. 16, NY Gov. Pataki Vetos MPC Labeling Bill

Oct. 9, Negative Producer Differential Explained

Oct. 1, PETA Calls NY State Ed Dept. to Ban Flavored Milk Sales in Vending Machines

Oct. 1, D-brief Update

Sept. 29, New Uses of Whey Increases Income for Dairies

Sept. 26, Dairy Today E-Report

Sept. 14, FDA Orders Four Dairies to Change BST Packaging Claims

Sept. 13, NY City Picks Its Beverage, Not Milk

Sept. 12, Dairy Today E-Report

Sept. 12, VT Farmers Talk Unification, Make Changes/Little Cartons Should Be Illegal

Sept. 6, USDA Announces Invitation to Submit Proposals for a Public Hearing to Amend Provisions for Fluid Milk Definitions

Sept. 6, NYS Assemblyman Patrick Manning Viewpoint: Dairy Farmers Deserve Support

Sept. 6, Bruce W. Krupke Editorial Response to Assemblyman Manning

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - August 2003

September 1, 2003 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

August 30, Dairy Today E-Report/Latest in Dairy News Update

August 29, Aghast! Cornell Dairy's Cornellia the Cow Stollen

August 29, Maine Attorney General Supports Oakhurst's BST Case

August 29, Poll of New Yorkers/Biotechnology Viewpoints

August 27, More On Price of Milk to Go Up Again Sept. 1

August 26, Price of Milk to Go Up Again Sept. 1

August 16, July 2003 Milk Production Report, Higher than Expected

August 16,Soy Milk Steals Dairy Sales and Shelf Space

Aug. 15, Ken Bailey, Penn State Dairy Outlook Report

August 14, Ralph Nader Enters Ring for Maine's Oakhurst Dairy

August 12, Schumer, NY Congressional Delegation Scheme to Raise Milk Prices for Consumers, Cloaked as Intent to Raise Prices for Farmers

August 12, NY Hudson Valley Farmers Vie for Milk Price Supports

August 7, Dairy Soft Drinks Next Beverage Cash Cow?

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - July 2003

July 21, Ken Bailey, Penn State Dairy Outlook Report

July 20, E-moo, the Next Generation of Milk?, Play the Video for the full Story

July 11, Canadian Supply Management Costs Consumers Billions

July 10, Will Higher Producer Prices Affect CWT Program?

July 8, Dairy Business Briefs

July 6, NY Attorney General Spitzer Questions Retail Milk Prices Again

July 5, Dairy Cooperatives OK CWT Plan, May Increase Milk Prices

July 4, Monsanto, Sour on Milk Packaging Claims

June 12, READ THIS - Make Your Identity Useless to Thieves!

June 9, Supreme Court Decides California Milk Pricing System Can be Challenged

June 9, Retailers Accused of Over Charging Consumers

June 9,Blueberry or Carbonated Milk, New Dairy Drinks Target Teens

May 29, Milk Weed Editor/Pete Hardin Stirs Up Crowd in Ohio

May 29, CWT "Cooperatives Working Together" Support/Questions Remain

May 28, Dbrief Report/Current Dairy Processing/Manufacturing News

May 27, Debate Continues Over Solutions for Low Farm Milk Prices

May 27, Coke Ready to Roll Out 50% new Milk Beverage

Dairy News, Daily, Visit and Bookmark this Site!

May 25, Dairy Today E-Report

May 19, NYC Man get Fine for Milk Case Theft

May 19, Study Shows MPCs Aren't Cause for Low Farm Milk Prices

May 16, April USDA Milk Producton Report

May 15, H.P. Hood/National Dairy Holdings, Scrap Merger Deal

May 15,Dairy Today E-Report

May 15,Dairy Today E-Report

May 9, US/Canada agree to stop CA subsidized Exports

May 6, Horizon to Launch Organic Formual

May 2, Dairy Today E-Report

April 23, California Dairy Farmers React to Challenge

April 23, California Milk Pricing Challenged In The Supreme Court

April 21, Headlines from Dairy

April 17, Dairy Today E-Report

April 17, Dairy Groups Disagree on Ice Cream Petition to Change Standards

April 16, March US Dairy Production Report

April 16, Cooperatives to Vote to Reduce Milk Production in U.S.

April 5, Maine Gov./State consider milk tax for farmers

April 4, Food Processors Worry about Bioterrorism Action

April 4, Dairy Today E-Report

March 27, Cabot Creamery Butter Wins First Prize

March 26, Dairy Farmers of America Report 2002 Gaines

March 26, Maine Milk Processors Throw Support Behind Milk Tax

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - March 2003

March 25, Ken Bailey, Penn State Dairy Outlook Report

March 21, Dairy Today E-Report

March 25, Judge Rules Dairy Farm Assessments Can Be Used For Got Milk? Advertising Campaign

March 25, Bob Cropp, Professor Emeritus, UW-Madison Dairy Economist Report

March 21, Dairy Today E-Report

March 12, New York Loses Smaller Farms

March 11, NY Farm Crop Report, Includes Milk/Dairy, (on pg. 5 scroll down)

March 11, NY, Hoosic Town Council Passes Resolution to Return to Dairy Compact

March 10,Dairy Buyers, Watch out for Fake Illegal Buyers!

March 6, Byrne Dairy, Syracuse NY, Announces Expansion Plans

Feb.27, NY State Kosher Law Struct Down, Gov. Pataki Comments

Feb.26, Russian Milk Distributor Complains About Recalled Milk!

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - February 2003

Feb.26, NYC, Russian Milk Recalled!

Feb.26, Six States Join Nevada, Challenging California Milk System, NY not Participating

Feb.25, Chicago Area Supermarket Milk Suit Thrown Out of Court

March 1, 2003 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

Feb.21, Food Expenditures by U.S. Households: Looking Ahead to 2020

Feb.21, Farm Sector and Farm Household Income 2003 Projections

Feb.21, Dairy Today E-Report

Feb.20, Dairy Farmer Subsidies Over Budget, Won't go Unnoticed

Feb.20, Sen. Clinton Slams Canadian Milk Imports

Feb.21, Read about School Soda Contracts Here

Feb.16, Canadian Milk Export systems bites the dust!

Feb.14, Dairy Today e-Report

Feb.13 Future of Small Dairy Farms Depends on Management



Feb.11 , School Soda Machine Contracts, See What they are Really all About!

Feb.9 , Local Milk Man Retires,

Feb. 7, Penn State Prof. Ken Bailey, Dairy Outlook Report

Feb. 7, Dairy Today E-Report

Feb. 5, Buffalo School Vending Deal Ends Soda in Schools

Jan. 27, Report from Maine: Dairy Farm Crisis Leads to Price Gouging

Jan. 27, PA Pooling Proposal "Moving Too Fast" Say Cooperatives

Jan. 27, Cloned Cows Mean Better Milk

Jan. 26, Fruit Producers, Health Officials Criticize New Dairy Promotion Program

Jan. 24, Penn State Prof. Ken Bailey, Dairy Outlook Report

Jan. 24, Dairy Today E-Report

Jan. 21, McDonald's "fat" lawsuit Thrown Out by Court

Jan. 11, FDA Approved Sale of nonrefrigerated milk in U.S.

Jan. 11, Dairy Today E-Report

Jan. 10, USDA Ag. Secretary Supports School Lunch Program

Jan. 10, MA Sec. of State Galvin Introduces Milk Price Threshold Legislation

Jan. 9, Midland Farms to Raise Prices to Conform to MA Law

Survey of NY State Retail Milk Prices - December 2002

Jan. 8, New England States Eye Milk Price Controls, Boston Globe Article

Jan. 7, Schools Get Healthy Drinks/Vending Machines

Jan. 7, Drink Your Milk: NY Times reports

Jan. 4, Connecticut Attorney Gen. eyes Retail Milk Price Controls

Jan. 3, Ken Bailey's Weekly Market Outlook

Dec. 29, H.P. Hood/NDH Continue Merger Plans

Dec. 30, Northeast Dairy Farmers/Consumers weigh Hood Merger

Dec. 29, PA Farmers Call for Kraft Boycott

Dec. 28, Dairy E-Today Report

Nov. 28, Dairy E-Today Report

Nov. 28, The Great Milk Fiasco, a Perspective by Robbie Blevins

Nov. 28, Dr. Bob Cropp, Univ. Of Wisconsin Outlook Report

Nov. 22, Maine Milk Panel Sets Hearing to Set Milk Prices

Nov. 22, Milk Costs Too Much, Study Says

Nov. 22, Dairy E-Today Report

December 1, 2002 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

Nov. 18, USDA/NASS November Milk Production Report

Nov. 16, Dairy Today E-Report

Nov. 15, H.P. Hood to Merge with NDH, to Make 2nd Largest Dairy in U.S.

November 2002 NYS Retail Milk Threshold Price Announcement

Nov. 8, Dairy E-Today Report

Nov. 8, NEW, LISTEN TO the Weekly Dairy Market Outlook, by Ken Bailey, Penn State Univ.

Nov. 8, McDonalds to Close Restaurants/Slash Jobs

Nov. 8,Monthly USDA Dairy Product Price Report

Nov. 7, USDA Announces Revised Class III and IV Price Formulas for all Federal Orders

Nov. 6, Farmer Cooperatives Sales, Income Rise in 2001

Nov. 2, The Milk Generation, Flavored Milks Selling

Nov. 2, Dairy Today E-Report

Nov. 2, New Beverage Product, MOOM "Made out of Milk Hits the Market

Oct. 30, NYS Assemblyman Magee hold Roundtable Discussions

Oct. 28, NFO to Help Farmers Organize!

Oct. 28, More Dairy Farmers Say They Are Going to Organize!

Oct. 28, USDA Releases FO Milk Marketing September Hearing Testimony/Read It Here

Oct. 28, NY Dairy Farmers Start Receiving Long Awaited Milk Subsidy Payments

Oct. 21, NY Dairy Farmers, Milk Price Situation is Ugly

Oct. 21, U.S. Reps. Obey and Sanders Introduce Bill for Dairy Farmers

Oct. 21, PA US Sen. Specter Introduces Dairy Farmer Bill

Oct. 18, NEW, LISTEN TO the Weekly Dairy Market Outlook, by Ken Bailey, Penn State Univ. Reports on Dairylea Annual Meeting

Oct. 18, USDA/NASS October Milk Production Report

Oct. 17, Milk Prices Down, NY Ag. Assembly Committee Chair Magee to Host Panel Discussion

Oct. 17, Ben & Jerry's Cutting Payroll

Oct. 16, Crowley Foods buys Rosenberger's Dairy in PA

Oct. 16, Dairylea Annual Meeting - Earnings Mixed

Oct. 12, NEW, LISTEN TO the Weekly Dairy Market Outlook, by Ken Bailey, Penn State Univ.

Oct 11, Dairy Today E-Report

Oct 9, Massachusetts Ag. Dept. Warns Retailer of too low milk prices!

Oct. 7, USDA August 2002 Dairy Product Production Report

Oct. 7, Milk Case Cop on the Beat!

Oct. 7, Spare the Cows, Stamp out PETA

Oct. 2, Vermont's Rep. Sanders, Complains about Milk Prices

Oct. 2, Syracuse Based Agway Corp. Files for Bankruptcy

2001 NY State Dairy Ag. Statistics - Just Released

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