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Desiring to become affiliated with New York State Dairy Foods, Inc., I hereby make application for membership and agree to support the Constitution and By-Laws of the same and to keep inviolate the following "Membership Pledge".

Membership Pledge

"We the undersigned, as members of the New York State Dairy Foods, Inc., hereby pledge ourselves to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of said Association and to lend our moral and financial support to the work of this Association. We also agree to cooperate to the fullest extent within the authorize policies and positions of our company with the officers of this Association in furthering the policies and projects of the Organization.

We pledge ourselves to advance and cherish the highest ideals of the dairy industry, to advance and stabilize it and to guard, protect and promote the general interests of such dairy industry in New York State.

We agree to use our influence and efforts to secure better laws for the dairy industry and we agree to help the Regulatory Authorities in all reasonable and fair policies and plans that they may try to enforce. Should any member violate their membership pledge they shall upon being found guilty of such violation forfeit their membership in this Association and notice of such fact shall be sent to each member of the Association."


"I hereby authorize the Executive Vice President of NYS Dairy Foods, Inc., to obtain annually from the Department of Agriculture and Markets of NY State, the number of pounds of milk and other dairy products handled by me during the year, and for each succeeding year. Or, if our company does not hold a New York State Milk dealers' or Frozen Dessert Manufacturer's license, agree to abide by the formula for computing dues based on an approved formula by the Association. It is understood that this information will be used solely for determining where applicable the amount of my dues as established by the Board of Directors of the New York State Dairy Foods, Inc. and will be treated as confidential information."

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